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American girl doll lover 101
So if you want to go to yor sisters birthday party you can do 2 things.   You can just ask her and see how she feels or if you know that she will say no and if you really care for her you can just not go for your sister or you can do something really nice for her.
Thank you american girl doll lover 101! She will all ways love you for what ever you do.

 Robert McNamara

If you like someone older than you and they don't act like they like you back give it some time they might just want to show off infront of their friends. If you want to show them how cool you can be act yourself with a little extra personality. Thank you and never give up hope.

Stephani Morgan

It is so sad that your dog ran away. If you want to find it try telling everybody in school and your neighbors they might have seen it. Also to inform people make a colorful posters with a picture, a phone number and adress and hang them in a park, at school and places like that. All you can do after that is look yourself ad hope youor someone finds it. Good Luck!! And always keep an eye out, you can never know where it could be.

Maddy Andrews

I love your name but you might not but that is okay. If your friend makes hurtfull comments he might not know that he is hurting you. Both of your options are not that good. If you really think your name is that bad instead of hitting your friend explain that you don't like your name and he will understand. You could also make a nickname or a name that has nothing to do with your real name and ask all your friends to call you by your nickname instead. I hope you will like your nickname!

Harry Potter Fan

If your favorite teacher quits there is nothing that you can do. You can write to her often in order to stay intouch. Teachers love their job but sometimes they need a change. I am sure that your teacher would love it if you wrote to them often. It would keep you intouch and make your teacher smile whenever she gets a letter from you.

Jim Force

If you owe someone money then you should have a lemonade stand and do extra chores to help pay off your debt. Next time don't borrow any money. Only buy something or use money if it is yours. Keep working hard and you will lean a vaulable lesson and hopefully it will never happen again.

Jessica Andrews

If your friend ignores you for her crush there are alot of things that you can do. First you might want to wave your hands in front of her face oe tll her something crazy to get her attention. also you can text, im, email or call her and talk to her and tell her how you feel. If you try all those things and you still ca't gether attention we are sorry to say that you might just hav to wait it out until her crush goes away or until she just starts talking to you. Thank you!

Money 101

If you need to make money the best thing is to do lots of chores and exta house workand baby babysit. It is better to plan ahead if you want to make money but for instant money making you need to do the 2 things above. Thank you and next time tryo plan ahead a little more than you did this time.
Thank you for writing and please tell you frieds.