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Seleana's IMing mix up

Seleana was on ichat instant messaging  her friend and she was telling her friend to make it look like she was busy to avoid a guy who likes her. By mistake she sent that message to the guy who she wanted to avoid instead of her other friend who was really supposed to get the message.

Justin Bieber's first kiss.

"We were at a school dance" he confessed. It was a school dance and he was dancing with his date, Anerla to the flow of he music. "It was a very romantic moment." Spilled Justin. "it was cool." he finished. He was only 13 years old. they were together and the moment just seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. They bth walked out remembering that wonderfull night.

Miley's confiedence level.

"I hate being a girl sometimes." Miley spills this shocking news to Twist magazine. After revealing this news she realized that it is common for girls not to 100% like their looks and they will probably want to change to look like a friend of theirs.